• Swings and roundabouts. On being 'refused' entry to a shopping centre and giving away a free Elspeth track

    So, I was turned away from a shopping centre recently for having my hood up. 'Turned away' is maybe a little strong a phrase. I was only asked to take my hood down before entering. But the hood barely covers half my head, and its the unimportant half. The back and top. Ive never seen an e-fit of the top or back of a shop lifters head. Its the front bit that has all the info and that was out there, for anyone to see. So, I refused and went somewhere else. At this other shopping centre I got 5 donuts for 19p. Bargain.

    Now, what's the lesson here...? Its simple, keep your hood up and be rewarded. Have you your hood up? Good. In that case have a free track.



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