• Can we have a new chart please?

    Can I suggest a change? Can we have a new chart? To run alongside the chart we currently have?

    Let's not call it an indie chart, no point dividing genres, you only limit a charts appeal. Plus there's already an indie chart anyway.

    And it's not a new entry chart either, but that's close. Its more a 'recent entry' chart.

    I'm typing as I think so Im sure the people who actually sort this kind of thing can work this out better; but lets say any new release is illegible for the new chart, but only for 3 weeks after release, then they drop off.

    But why have a new chart? I hear no one ask. Well, the music industry, and media too, are sometimes a fickle bunch. They like to see results. 6 or 7 years ago there was a natural drop off for new releases as their CD space in HMV and Virgin was replaced with new releases. This made it easier for new bands to break into the top 40 - older acts dropped off, allowing room for the new bunch. But now, in the digital world, a popular song can be in the charts for weeks, months, years. And of course, that song deserves to be there. That is what that chart recognises...the biggest selling tracks that week.

    But this system alone stifles new, emerging talent. An act that 7 years ago might have cracked the top 40 and so been allowed to progress to the next stage of their career now finds it more difficult because they're out sold by any number of songs that have featured on a TV advert, talent show or movie.

    If we had a 'recent new entry' chart, that was well respected and looked at by the music industry but only allowed songs that were within 2 or 3 weeks of the release date we'd be leaving a LOT of space for new acts and new releases to 'chart'. Here's some quick observations that may be wrong, but are generally probably right...in this weeks top 100 there are 11 new entries. 11% and they include the Verve 'Drugs Don't Work' and Deep Blue Something 'Breakfast At Tiffanys' . Additionally only 16 of the tracks have been in the charts for 2 weeks or less and some of them seem to be re-entries.

    Its important though that with this chart your JLS's, Rhiannas and Lady Gaga's are present. It gives more weight to the new bands and artists if they're alongside the biggest acts on the planet.

    It wouldn't negatively affect the bigger acts either, they'd rocket to the top of the 'recent new entry chart (It needs a better name, I know) stay there for 2 weeks then continue their life in the main chart as before. We'd just be allowing new acts, smaller acts, some time in a 'chart'. Something that they can use to mark their progress, to tell their fanbase and to show to their record labels.

    Im sure there are holes in this plan. But if we keep going the way we're going there's a chance the mainstream and the emerging, original artist will move further apart and I, as a small indie-label owner would love nothing more than to see one of my bands in the 'real' chart. A 'recent new entry' chart might just help that happen!


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